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    "Thank you Rachel!"

    This was our first home purchase and Rachel made the process so clear to us. She took our requirements and found the perfect house for us. She was always optimistic about finding the perfect place and during the process offered guidance on how to get what we wanted.She is an asset to Lake and an excellent example of the perfect realtor. Thank you Rachel!
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    Aaron Robinson & Elinor Fung
    "Thanks for all your help!"

    Thanks for all your help during the process. We appreciate very much the fun process and the warm friendship!

    Kay Huang
    "Above and beyond the call of duty!"

    Excellent job, Ross! Really appreciate your help-- above and beyond the call of duty!

    Duncan Thomson
    "I'm glad I met you! Thanks for all your help!"

    I'd give you 5s on a few more things as well: Staying within my price range and not trying to "up-sell" me Making me feel like you had my best interests at heart by talking me out of a condo with high HOA dues and into a TH with better potential for re-sell value Being knowledgeable about the market,Seattle neighborhoods, and all the "working parts" of a house-- roof, sewers, heating, plumbing, electrical, etc. Being enthusiastic, patient, and down to earth and fun to be with-- and very chivalrous as well-- opening doors, picking me up, making me feel like you were my friend as well as my agent. I'm glad I met you! Thanks for all your help.
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    Mary Jo Bukovic
    "Ross is dedicated, extremely responsive, and got us a great deal!"

    We recently purchased our first home and Ross Hartwich was our broker. My husband, Tomas, works at Google in Fremont and I stay home with our 18 month old son. When we started the house search we were very overwhelmed. Especially after hearing hearing horror stories from friends about bidding wards starting on houses.Tomas wanted to be able to walk or bike to work, so the areas we could live in were a little limited. After meeting Ross, he sent me new properties to look at every day. We had a Queen Anne night, Wallingford night, etc. It really helped being able to see several houses in one neighborhood so that we could get a good feel for [it]. Prior to making an offer on our house in Phinney Ridge, Ross came over and let us spend some time so we could envision our life in the new house. Ross is dedicated, extremely responsive, and got us a great deal on a house.
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    Deidre Isdal
    "Thanks so much for all of your hard work!"

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work. The late night calls, questions, and support didn't go unnoticed. We will be recommending you all over the place. Mario and I are over the moon about the new house and we know without you we might not be there now. We love you! Thanks again.

    Kate & Mario
    "Excellent job!"

    We love Ross! Excellent job!

    Kate Hettiger
    "Many thanks Ross for making yourself as available as possible!"

    Many thanks Ross for making yourself as available as possible, researching our options [at the Seattle Department of Planning and Land Use], and helping us see it through!

    Ben & Julie Packard
    "Thanks, Ross!"

    Ross was great to work with. As first time homebuyers he expertly explained and taught us tons about the process, houses, and even provided some great tips for home improvement ideas. We feel truly lucky to have such an informative, thorough, and level-headed agent to work with throughout the process.Because of Ross, our homebuying process was way easier than we expected it to be. Thanks, Ross!
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    Logan Reichert & Sheila Collins
    "We are very happy with our whole home buying experience! "

    We are very happy with our whole home buying experience! Thank you so much! You were a huge part of making this process so easy for us.

    Shannon & Craig Maas
    "Ross is EXCELLENT, hands down!"

    Being a single female first time home buyer in the Seattle was daunting, to say the least. I started the housing search with vague sense of what I was looking for and not 100% sure I would ever be able to find it. Ross came highly recommended through friends who had recently purchased a home in Seattle.He was a HUGE asset and can't imagine having gone through the process without him. He was incredibly helpful in guiding me every step of the way and making it feel much less formidable (and actually enjoyable). I never felt pressured or rushed. He helped me to distill exactly what I was looking for and to educate me on all aspects to consider when purchasing my first home. He remained optimistic and encouraging. I always felt like I was his one and only client: very responsive, flexible and frequently available at a moments notice. Ultimately, it took me close to a year before I eventually found the home that I ended up buying. By the time I found my "dream home" I felt confident, prepared and knowledgeable. Ross helped craft a highly competitive offer that ultimately beat our seven others. He exceeded my expectations of his role as a realtor in multiple regards. After I was settled in my new home, Ross continued to make himself available: he helped unstick my windows that were painted shut, lent me tools, gifted me a black and white copy of a 1918 photo of the home, and remained available for anything that came up. Ross is EXCELLENT, hands down. If possible, I would give him more than five stars. If you're looking for one of the best realtors in Seattle, look no further!
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    Emily C.
    "She truly listened to our needs!"

    My family and I are in compete agreement - we would work with Rachel again in a heartbeat if we could. We were very sad to leave our much beloved home and neighbors, and Rachel was extremely sensitive to how difficult the decision was for us. She truly listened to our needs and showed up on Team Us over and over again,even long after we moved into what we now realize is the home that was meant for us all along. We were selling a house that we bought as a fixer upper but hadn't been able to complete all of the renovations we intended. Rachel's vision helped us see past our to-do lists and transformed our house into a real stunner when it came time to put it on the market. This vision also helped us see that our house really was meant for a different family, which made the tough choice to move a little easier. We were selling at a period when all the real estate new stories were discussing a cool down of the Seattle market, and we were a little concerned about how long the property would take to sell. But with Rachel's expertise, we prepared the home in exactly the right way and listed at exactly the right time to get us several offers with escalation clauses. The offer review meeting was a whirlwind, and Rachel was completely invested in our future every moment. She answered our questions in ways we could understand and helped us choose the offer that would make us happy. We found the best new owners for the house we loved, and new neighbors for friends we loved as well. When it came time to buy, Rachel was our fiercest ally and defender of the goals we came to her with on our first meeting. I am the kind of girl who falls in love with nearly every house. I saw the good in everything. Rachel was ever optimistic and pragmatic, though, pointing out problems I was keen to overlook because I just wanted to buy a house. I walked away from so many viewings with a heavy heart, wondering how long it would be until I got to call someplace home again. But Rachel often said "You can do better," and I knew she was right, even if it made me sad at the time. We walked away from one house after we couldn't come to an agreement with the seller after the inspection revealed issues that could have been very expensive to fix. Going through the process of an offer, an inspection, and a rescinding of the offer with Rachel made me appreciate her expertise so much. I knew she wanted us to be in the exact right place, even if it took awhile to find it. We finally did find our house, and we knew it from almost the moment we stepped through the door. With the work we had done before to put together our previous offer, Rachel was able to spring into action at lightning speed. Our offer was accepted the same day the house was listed, and Rachel was so excited to share with us the news. It's been a year since Rachel helped take us make this huge change in our lives, and I couldn't be happier. I have recommended her to all of my friends. I adored working with Rachel and if I ever have an opportunity to work with her again, I will jump at it. She is absolutely professional, but even moreso, she is utterly human. She sees your vision of the future and does everything she can do land you exactly where you're meant to. Rachel is the kind of agent who knows she's not just buying and selling homes; she's helping people live their very best lives. She takes her job seriously, and I can't thank her enough for it. PS, my daughter (9) says Rachel is "a great lady." So there's another vote of confidence.
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    Celeste M.
    "Ross is one of the best realtors that I know!"

    Ross is one of the best realtors that I know. He is personable and engaging and professional and goes out of his way to understand my needs. I never get that salesman vibe and always enjoy working with him.

    Dzuka L.
    "You made everything so easy!"

    Thanks Rachel. You made everything so easy!

    Taylor S. & Sarah N.
    "Thanks, Ross, you made our experience great!"

    Ross is a stellar real estate broker who goes the extra mile for his clients. We just purchased our first ever home (in Ballard) and Ross guided us through this difficult market with wisdom and patience as we conducted our search. He was recommended by our loan officer at Homestreet (Gail Bean,also great), who mentioned he has a high success rate at winning offers in our competitive market. He is low pressure, extremely knowledgeable of the Seattle market and neighborhoods, and, frankly is a genuinely a nice guy. We felt like we were in capable hands as Ross really sought to identify our needs and find the right home to meet those needs. He was always available to meet us when we wanted to look at a home, and on short notice. When we finally found our home after several months of searching, Ross pulled out all the stops and was able to get the sellers to accept our offer (among several others) even though it ultimately was not the highest offer. Ross' background is in construction, so he has a great eye for looking at the older housing stock in Seattle and we appreciated his knowledge as we considered various renovation projects in each of the homes we looked at. To give you an idea of how Ross goes above and beyond for his clients - we decided to refinish our hardwood floors before moving in to our new place, and Ross helped schedule and solicit bids from contractors on our behalf. He also made sure to coordinate their appointments during the same day as the bank appraisal, when the current owners would be out of the home. He has continued to help our transition into our new home by giving us referrals for various contractors, movers, and even offered to introduce us to a colleague of his who lives on the same street as our new home and who has a child that is close in age to our son. We can not recommend Ross enough will definitely be referring our friends and coworkers to him, and plan to use him as our broker for any future real estate transactions. Thanks, Ross, you made our experience great!!
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    Amber S.
    "I would definitely use Rachel as my selling agent!"

    I was referred to Rachel as my real estate agent from my brother, who is an agent in Phoenix, AZ. Overall I found Rachel to be incredibly helpful and genuine. She worked with me and my fiancé over a period of several months to find the right house. She also was incredibly flexible given my hectic schedule working in the US Army.She kept us informed on all matters regarding our house closing--which was rather stressful for me because I was deployed to Thailand. I would definitely use Rachel as my selling agent and refer others as well.
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    Matt Talley
    "Ross was great!"

    Ross was great. He really went the extra mile for me and provided invaluable advice throughout the sales process.

    Kevin S.
    "We really enjoyed having you on our team!"

    We really enjoyed having you on our team. After looking at houses with another realtor for over 6 months - we were pretty much not hopeful - but you made the whole process so great! You did everything that we needed you to do in a timely fashion and did it well.Your communication and availability were the things we can't compliment you enough on - whenever we had questions you were there. So thank you again! You are doing everything right and anyone would be lucky to have you working for them! :)
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    Joey & Devon G
    "Thank you Ross!"

    Ross was extraordinary to work with! He definitely went the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable with the sale of our house. It all went smoothly and sold very quick. We would not hesitate to recommend his services. He took the stress out of a stressful situation and we'll be forever grateful!Thank you Ross!
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    "Thanks for helping us sell our house!"

    Thanks for helping us sell our house and find one all in a pretty tight timeline! We feel like you made the process as smooth as could be, without ever making us feel rushed. We also appreciated the way you helped us figure out what we were looking for,and our sense of style and design jibed well with yours.
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    Rory & Karen M
    "He's the only agent we'll work with in the future!"

    Ross is a wonderful, kind, and caring agent that really made our first home buying experience a great one. I really don't think my wife and I would have gotten the house we were after if it weren't for his experience and professionalism. Can't speak highly enough of him.Ross does an excellent job of guiding you through the process, making sure you understand everything, and finding the right house for you. He's the only agent we'll work with in the future for sure!
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    Carey R.
    "Without Rachel we would not have our home!"

    110% satisfied customers and we'd recommend Rachel to absolutely anyone, even the Pope! Rachel never stopped listening and that was so important; she was also tremendously responsive to our every communication. Thank you again, Rachel! Rachel Miletich Luke Collova Seattle's current real estate market is an absolute disaster for buyers.Luckily we had Rachel working for us. She was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Not only did she make herself available to view homes on our schedule, but she answered our questions and explained all the processes to us. When it came time for making offers and negotiation it was clear that we had a real asset on our team. Ultimately I am convinced that without Rachel we would not have our home.
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    Nick & Robin Morrill
    "Ross is one of the best!"

    Ross is one of the best. I've been through the buying process before, however, this time it was selling AND buying. Negotiating the difficult Seattle market, my insane schedule, plus a tight budget didn't even seem to bother him a bit. Ross listens to his clients, taking into account the lifestyle,financial means, and individual needs and constructs a plan that puts as little stress on his client as possible.
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    Rebecca C.
    "We really enjoyed having you on our team!"

    We really enjoyed having you on our team. After looking at houses with another realtor for over 6 months - we were pretty much not hopeful - but you made the whole process so great! You did everything that we needed you to do in a timely fashion and did it well.Your communication and availability were the things we can't compliment you enough on - whenever we had questions you were there. So thank you again! You are doing everything right and anyone would be lucky to have you working for them! :)
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    Joey & Devon G
    "Thank you so much for guiding us!"

    Thank you so much for guiding us through this difficult market with wisdom and patience. You went above and beyond.

    James S.
    "Thank you for all your help!"

    Thank you for all your help! You went above and beyond for us.

    Dom & Lisa Daste
    "Great experience!"

    Ross was wonderful to work with, and we felt like we were in the best hands possible throughout the entire process. He provided great advice and wisdom, but also supported us in our decisions-- doing everything he could to make sure we had the best chance to get the house we truly wanted. Following our purchase,he's made sure we have everything we need and gone the extra mile to help us get settled in. Great experience and we're thrilled with our new home.
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    Holly Houser & Adra
    "We really can't recommend Ross enough!"

    Ross really is as good as it gets in Seattle's crazy real estate market. He helped us buy our home in Seattle 3.5 years ago, after a somewhat picky, several month long search. We loved our home, and continued to rely on Ross for his home renovating and resale expertise as well as his extensive list of local contacts to help do some projects around the house. When it came time to sell our home,despite several agent referrals from friends, we had no doubt we would ask Ross to help us again. In just a few short weeks, he was able to help us get the house on the market to take advantage of the spring selling season. He had a thorough list of ideas/easy fixes to get our home in top shape for showings, as well as a list of readily available contacts to do some painting and maintenance. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the market, he is also personable and compassionate, realizing how emotional selling a home can be and able to talk us through any concerns without ever pushing any agenda on us. When we put the house on the market, even this crazy market, we were still stunned and thrilled with the results. Our home received multiple offers well over what we expected and we know it was because of Ross's knowledge and assistance in getting our home to shine. Though we know he must be very busy, Ross always makes us feel as if we are his most important clients and has been readily available by phone or in person to answer questions, calm worries, or relay information. He excels at making the steps toward closing go as smoothly as possible for all parties and eliminating our stress as much as possible. We really can't recommend Ross enough, and we're looking forward to having Ross on our side once again as we purchase our next home!
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    Victoria & Brent
    "Thank you for your hard work and attentiveness!"

    Thank you for your hard work and attentiveness. We’ll continue to refer family and friends! Ross made us feel like we were the only clients he was working with!

    John & Brandi
    "We would certainly work with Ross again!"

    Ross made selling our townhome so easy for us. He was able to coordinate an army of subcontractors (paint, carpet, landscape, general repairs, staging, photography, and probably others) in very short window of time to get the house ready for the market. He was very responsive to all of our questions and comments and always carried a warm smile.Ross was also flexible with times meeting times to fit it into our busy schedules. We would certainly work with Ross again and will pass on our highest recommendations to our own friends and family.
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    Chris L.
    "We will definitely be referring our friends to you!"

    We really appreciate the hard work you put into getting us this home- you definitely went the extra mile (especially helping me schedule my hardwood floor contractors!) We are very pleased with our purchase. We will definitely be referring our friends to you when they look for a home.

    Amber S.
    "It was truly a pleasure to work with Ross! "

    Ross was our buyer agent as we looked for a beach home in the San Juans and Whidbey Island. When we found a place that we were interested in Ross was very prompt to research the property, provide background information, set up viewing times, research comparable properties, and find geotech engineers as needed.Even though we have been homeowners for over 30 years we were novices to the current purchasing process. Ross’s wealth of knowledge and attention to detail gave us full confidence as he led us through each step of the process making us feel more at ease, in fact, he made the whole process enjoyable. He was very thorough and prompt in his communication with us and with his team. We appreciated him sharing his vision on the potential of the property based on his own experience of home and property renovations. Knowledge, experience, integrity, hard work, and creativity are all strong characteristics of Ross. Ross is professional, personable, and makes a good impression when working with other agents/seller. We found that to make a crucial difference. We appreciated how Ross introduced himself and us to the neighbors. We were able to ask the neighbors about the property and found them to be a great source of valuable information. Ross is an excellent negotiator and knows when to push and when to back off. Ross’s knowledge of the market and negotiating skills allowed us to purchase our beach home at a significant savings. Ross’s great relationship with his capable team provided a smooth transition each step of the way, from inspections (he was present for all of our house/property inspections) to securing needed loans. He recommended an excellent mortgage broker who worked in concert with him to help us through the necessary steps in a timely manner. We were out of town during most of the process and with Ross’s help we were able to handle the majority of the paperwork on- line. This on-line access was very helpful to us. Ross treated us attentively as though we were his only clients and yet we knew we were one of many! If we are ever in the market to sell or purchase another place, there is no doubt in our minds that Ross would be the person we would call. We would not want to be represented by anyone else. It was truly a pleasure to work with Ross!
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    Teresa & Tom Healy
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